Blocked Driveway? You Don’t Need to Call 311 Anymore!

Our customers have raised a concern that whenever they are facing a blocked driveway situation they have to wait for a long time before getting connected with an operator. We care about your concerns that’s why we are posting this useful information.

You Don’t Need to Call 311 Anymore !!

You can fill up an online form to file a complaint of a vehicle blocking your driveway.

Click on image below:


Also you can follow the link here:

They a have a 4 step process flow to submit an online complaint.


  • Topic: Blocked Driveway
  • Details (Option to Pick No Access or Partial Access)
  • Description
  • Date/Time Observed


  • Location Type (Option to pick Street/Sidewalk)
  • Address (You have an option to use cross streets as well)
  • Borough (Option to pick from Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island)
  • Building # (Number Only)
  • Street Name


In this section you are not required to enter any information.


Review the information and click on “Submit Form”.

Blocked driveway is not considered as an Emergency Situation however we know it may cause serious trouble and anxiety to the person facing this issue.

Blocked Driveway Towing is available round the clock to save our customers from anxiety or after effects of a Blocked driveway situation.

We ensure you that your driveway will be clear in NO TIME and you can get wherever you need to be ON TIME.


Visit our website for FAST Towing Services or Call us at 718 844 4959

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